Small Talk

Small Talk: the newsletter for small congregations

Small Talk is a newsletter dedicated to supporting and strengthening the small Unitarian Universalist congregation, edited by the Rev. Jane Dwinell and designed by Dana Dwinell-Yardley.

We no longer publish Small Talk, but you can download back issues below. Simply click on the issue you desire and you’ll get it as a PDF file. All the PDFs are a quick download: 500 K or less.

General Advice Leadership and Governance
What is a Small Congregation? Governance Structure
The Small Church of the Future Greatest Challenges #2: Burnout
Knowing and Telling Our Stories How to Get the Work Done
Transformational Congregations How to Run a Meeting
Wrapping Up the Church Year Advice for Leaders
Centering, Connecting, and Creating Change Advice for Followers
The Seven Habits of Highly Ineffective Churches Supporting Youth Leadership
Peter Morales for UUA President Buildings
Who You Gonna Call (trauma response) Buildings: Pros and Cons
Give Thanks for Your Small Congregation How to Help Your Building Pay for Itself
Is Your Small Congregation a Good ‘Neighborhood’? Caring For Each Other
A Church For Others: The Welcome Table Missional Community Pastoral Care in Tough Times
Doing Church Differently at Harmony Staff
Money Committee on Ministry
The Annual Canvass So You’re Looking for a Minister
Greatest Challenges #4: Money Greatest Challenges #3: Ministry
Capital Campaigns Sharing Staff in the Small Congregation
The Financial Crisis and Your Congregation The Care and Feeding of Your Part-Time Minister
Communication Hospitality
Publications: Part One(Layout) What Should We Do With Our Visitors?
Publications: Part Two(content) Welcoming — or Not? My Pet Peeves
Technology: Help or Hindrance Worship
Facebook for the Small Congregation Creative Worship
Six Myths & Six Real Deals about Building Consensus, Part 1 Summer Worship – Yes or No?
Conflict and Change Building a Music Program
Conflict Celebrating December Holidays
Greatest Challenges #5: Conflict Going to Two Worship Services
Religious Exploration for Children Multicultural Worship in Small Congregations
Religious Education for Children Growth
Integrating Children Growth: Part One
Religious Exploration for Adults Growth: Part Two
Small Group Ministry A Roadmap to Change
Mission Greatest Challenges #1: Growth
Social Action The Meaning of Membership
Welcoming Congregation Work Nitty Gritty
Greening the Small Congregation Numbers (statistics to keep)
Another Look at Social Action
Anti-Racism Work in the Small Congregation
Climate Change and the Small Congregation
Wind Power on the Prairie
Becoming a Welcoming Congregation,
Small-Church Style
Beyond Our Walls
(wisdom from other congregations)
Small is Beautiful Report
Small Congregations Speak Out
The Small Congregation in Transylvania
New Orleans: New Life for Small Congregations
Small Congregations at General Assembly
The Living Room Church, Part One
The Living Room Church, Part Two
The Living Room Church, Part Three
The World of the British Unitarians
Some Good Ideas from the British Unitarians
A Little Goes a Long Way (social justice)