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FTF-coverFreedom Through Frugality: Spend Less, Have More

by Jane Dwinell
introduction by Vicki Robin, coauthor of Your Money or Your Life

Are you worried about money? Feel that you don’t have enough, or don’t know where it’s going? Do you yearn to have the freedom to pursue your dreams, whatever they are? Then it’s time to embrace frugality — the art of living the way you want, within your means. Frugality will bring you so much — peace of mind, time with your loved ones, a good night’s sleep, and no bill collectors. But, most of all, it will bring you the precious gift of freedom.

Author Jane Dwinell lives the frugal life. To keep life interesting, she has done many things over the years, both paid and volunteer. She has been (and, in some cases, continues to be) a nurse, farmer, business owner, chef, carpenter, salsa maker, maple syrup producer, guardian ad litem, teacher, hospice chaplain, parish minister, author, consultant, quiltmaker, knitter, actress, singer, yoga practitioner, long distance runner, downhill skier, disc golf player, live-aboard boater, mother, daughter, partner, sister, aunt, and friend. She, and her partner, Sky Yardley, currently reside in Burlington, Vermont.

To read the April 2009 AARP Bulletin article about the author and her husband, click here.

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What people are saying about Freedom Through Frugality:

“Jane Dwinell is not only a master of frugality — she is an inspiring example of a pragmatist who also likes to lead a luxurious life. This book will show you how to develop the discipline to spend wisely, so you can spend your “life energy” (in time and money) on the things that really give you joy and satisfaction. Jane makes no set prescriptions – having tried many different lifestyles herself — she advises on the common strategies that anyone can follow, whether you’re in the city or country, single or with a large family, fully employed or not. If you want common-sense advice to live an uncommon life of freedom and fulfillment, read this book!”

—R. Hughes, President, New Road Map Foundation

“Jane’s stories are especially compelling because she has gone through several iterations of the frugal free life. She’s lived her dreams, but has also shifted her strategies as her dreams evolved. Frugality isn’t just rural living with goats and chickens. It isn’t just living in a wee space. It isn’t just taking advantage of all the free fun available in cities. It’s all of the above — or anything else — if that’s what you want to do with your one wild and precious life.

“We need this book because the world needs frugality right now. We are living beyond the means of the earth — spending more resources annually than can be restored, regenerated or replaced. Experts agree that moderating the quantity and resource intensity of our consumption is a key to our survival.

“We also need this book because we need something to give to our friends, family and coworkers when they think our choices will render us destitute and out of step with reality. This book is so interesting, readable, and kind (no rants or polemics to set your teeth on edge), that you can safely hand it to anyone you want to understand you – or follow in your footsteps.”

—from the introduction by Vicki Robin, coauthor of Your Money or Your Life